about this blog

From May through June, 2010, I will be co-teaching 2 courses with my UC-Denver College of Arts & Media colleague, Rian Kerrane (Associate Professor of Visual Art) — which focus on the tagging and mural cultures in Denver, Colorado and Belfast and Derry, Northern Ireland.

The first course, Graffiti Narratives I, is a 3‐week Maymester intensive academic experience in Denver and Irish cultures through visual, sonic and technological explorations and reflections. The second course, Graffiti Narratives II, is a 2-week study abroad intensive which explores sectarian violence and uneasy peace through murals and graffiti  and aspects of performance, politics, social constructs, and place and identity — in the broadest sense as seen through the eyes of artists.

Students will develop and maintain a Blog as Journal, which will document all class activities, assignments and reflections. Participants will also utilize multiple technology platforms (such as twitter, YouTube, Flickr, podcasts, etc.) as devices for inquiry, communication and results, and cloud exhibitions.

I am starting my Blog as Journal now, to explore ways to connect with people and places, resources and knowledge, ideas and experiments, and technology possibilities and my own reflections about this experience.

The Irish Sea

Seascape along the southwestern coast of Ireland

Judith Coe, Associate Professor of Music
University of Colorado Denver


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